Our vision is an educational project, a school, where children will access the skills and confidence they need to be happy and fulfil their true potential both academically and as a human being, contributing towards a more compassionate and peaceful world.


The project provides an education for children and parents who want to live a life where happiness is the overriding goal. We believe that a child's unique interests, talents, learning styles and goals should influence his or her education and that is why we offer different teaching approaches. Teachers are aware of children's' in-born potentials, and they construct activities and the environment to facilitate learning experiences that release these potentials.


Through the different teaching styles we offer, and a focus on human rights and serving others, our children will have a strong understanding of their role as global citizens, empowered with the skills to actively serve humanity.


We are allowing the children’s true potentialities to emerge as opposed to feeding their minds with old ideas, in the hope of achieving a real human evolutionary leap.


We understand that feeling happy is a child’s inborn natural state, but this understanding is often clouded by ignorance, and our education approach stimulates freedom, allowing happiness to emerge.


Our educational philosophy recognizes the interdependent nature of all life. This inspires the ethic principle of non-harm that informs all aspects of our curricula. We pay particular attention to developing children’s capacity to grow as kind and wise individuals, who are empowered by the view of universal responsibility in how they shape their world and coexist with others.  We will support our education community; staff, students, families and other members, with skills development on how to facilitate peaceful communications and conflict resolution, reflective practices and emotional learning.

Treasuring the magic and openness of childhood, primary age students’ mastery of academic skills is nestled in a friendly, supportive environment in which both academics and personal growth are woven together into a fully integrated whole. Students experience knowledge as a natural part of their lives and develop a foundation for a lifelong love of learning.

Pupils are given ample opportunity to engage in their own learning process through self-directed activities and project work within a carefully prepared environment. Here the teacher becomes the guide, supporting the child’s individual learning journey.

Teachers will document children’s learning continuously in order to provide a link between the school and the community and to allow the child to celebrate his/her learning journey.

Outdoor learning experiences are often remembered for a lifetime. By integrating learning and outdoor experiences, whether through play in the immediate grounds or adventures further afield, we will provide relevance and depth to the curriculum in ways that are difficult to achieve indoors. The ‘outdoor classroom’ will be just as important to us as the indoor space.

Walking through the indoor and outdoor spaces, you will hear the cheerful buzz of children and find a community in the true sense of the word – children who are learning to care for one another and care for the space, which creates a feeling of “home”. Not only is the physical environment calming and beautiful, but the sense of community provides security and stability for the children. Different learning areas will provide multiple opportunities for learning such as: exploration and concept building - science and numeracy, language and literacy, music movement, artistic development, garden, farm, etc.  There will also be free places for children to rest or create whatever they wish, as well as ‘communication friendly spaces’ to encourage talk. The space will contain multisensory, natural materials to support imagination, self-directed learning and the development of independence.

As entrepreneurs of a new civilization, we wish to build our community around the education of the next generation. Our children will face many challenges that our society is creating for them. We aim to provide them with the right tools to overcome these challenges, to develop creativity, self-sustainability and integrity while having fun.


Students, families and staff of all and no faiths are welcome to join the project community. We hold with the view that a multiplicity of spiritual traditions are apparent in the world, and that they all need to be respected because plurality of religious and spiritual traditions shapes people’s dispositions and aspirations. We encourage opportunities to cultivate understanding and mutual respect through interfaith dialogues and events, as foundations for an inclusive and harmonious society


Respect for all Life

Human Rights



Academic Integration






Global Citizenship





Serving Others


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